Best Vaporizer for dry herb – The Pax 3

Pax 3 vaporizer is out. This is the most recent herb and wax vaporizer pen. The best vaporizer by PAX Labs comes with enhanced features. Vaporizers that preceded Pax 3 are no match for it. This vaporizer is set to give you an experience you have never had with vaporizers. The major improvements include the Dual use option, a half oven feature and a reduced heat time. A dual use vaporizer turns the device from just a herb vaporizer to a true Concentrate vaporizer. There is a concentration mode setting that facilitates this. The „half oven“ feature is not found in over 95% of portable vaporizers. More new unique features include a smartphone app and a doubled power compared to the Pax 2. Find more details on EcigarettePros Facebook.
Most of the upgrades on Pax 3 are designed to reduce some of the drawbacks of Pax 2. In other words, this new vaporizer is designed to provide what Pax 2 did not offer. Apparently, this also offers more than many dry herb vaporizers available in the market do.


When using this product, you are guaranteed to experience instant effects. The new upgrades certainly make the Pax 3 very effective.
This product comes in various colors to choose from. These include Black, Silver, and Gold. A limited edition in Rose Gold is also available. Either of these colors blends perfectly with the polished anodized aluminum to give a very appealing look.
Pax 3 has features to desire for in a vaporizer.

• 3 Ovens to choose from
(a) Full-Packed Oven
(b) Half-Packed Oven
(c) Concentrate Oven
• 15 seconds Heating Time
• Dry Herb and Concentrate Preference
• An Internal Accelerometer that Saves Energy and Material
• Free Smartphone App that is Compatible with Android and iPhone Devices
• A Body of a Mirror Polished Anodized Aluminum
• A Technology that Senses Lips
• LED indicator

• Dual Use Preference
• Solid Vapor Production
• Tremendously Reduced Heating Time
• Incomparable Contemporary Features
• Sleek Design
• A 10 Years Warranty

• Change of Taste of Materials in Various Sessions
• Tricky to Load

I would definitely recommmed Pax 3. If you are looking for the best vaporizer, this is the vaporizer for you. The many upgraded features make the vaporizer to be the best in globe. Once you try this new device, you will forget about every other vaporizer you have ever had. Besides, you know that PAX Labs never disappoint. The drawbacks can be eliminated with time. Being a vaporizer user, you will require minimum time to learn how to load the Pax 3. You will also get used to the changing taste within a short period of time. You can buy the pax directly from Pax labs. One of the best e-cigarette brands!…